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12 Jun



Facing Challenges

11 Jun



Consider Peace

6 Jun

Peace is a commodity or state of living that is priceless.

To maintain daily peace is worth much effort.  I have lived without peace, and by that I mean you have toxic people or situations that are a part of your every day life.  It could be someone that is critical or someone that is unhappy or a neighborhood in decline.

Peace has a price to obtain and maintain, but consider what an incredible way to live, in peace.  My life is arranged now to limit toxic people, living conditions, employment and all things that trouble the mind and body.

Having time in my life to watch a bird in flight and just be, or listen to the water, or take a walk, that is my peace.

As I live life each day I am basked in peace and that doesn’t mean that you avoid confrontation or conflict.  You resolve issues.  However, when you choose to live in peace, then peace will surround you.

I make no apologies about moving, quitting a job, or limiting my interactions with people and situations that cause strife.

You only get one life. I don’t know how long it will be, but I won’t spend it with drama. A lesson I know is if someone is negative towards you, don’t own their negativity, its not about you. Run to peace.  Hold on to peace. Value peace. Don’t give up your power.

Why should those who love conflict subject you to it.

The power to choose peace is yours.

I often just take a walk.  That is an act you alone own of peace.

Admire something beautiful, look up to the sky. The sky is yours.

Take an action and enjoy the pleasure of PEACE.